The Last Word Designs Team

Not your average design nerds (and yet, definitely nerds)

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Branding & Bookishness


LL is what's known as a double-threat. Triple threat, if you count her knowledge of wine and cocktails, which we definitely do. As both a New York Times bestselling author and a former e-commerce/web marketing geek, LL is our ace-in-the-hole when it comes to best practices for author websites and writer branding. You need her.



Operations & General Nerdery


Where to start with this guy. He's part web-designer, part bartender, part blogger, part chef, part comedian, and full-time is it happy hour yet? With a background in consulting, comedy, recruiting, coding, and other dork-mobile stuff, he's exactly the guy you want to chat with over martinis about stuff like SEO and transferring your domain name.



Bringer of The Pretty


An all around creative geek, LACT is a designer, photographer and an avid coffee consumer. She likes ten dollar words, speaking nerd on Twitter, overcast days, socializing and has quite the experience. A strong dislike of ketchup, she very much loves fluffy dogs. She's also got zero tolerance for tacky, and will class-up your site like nobody's biz.